The government wants to help UK business grow by enabling you to invest into innovation through research and development refunds.

How does Research & Development tax credits work? 

If your company is spending money developing new products, processes or services; or enhancing existing ones, you are eligible for R&D tax relief.

If you’re spending money on your innovation, you can make an R&D tax credit claim to receive either a cash payment and/or Corporation Tax reduction.

R&D can be redeemed in every single sector. And if you’re making a claim for the first time, you can typically claim R&D tax relief for your last two completed accounting periods.

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When we start working together we will ask you for your most recent filed accounts, and the previous year if this is your first time as we can claim as far as 2 years back for you. 

We Create Your Application

Working with you, we create the claim document which outlines the research and development undertaken by your company, allowing us to also show you the exact amount of R&D credits you are due. 

We Submit Your Claim 

Once submitted, the funds will arrive as early as 4 weeks later depending on HMRC. We charge a commission on the amount received. 

Questions and Answers

All business sectors can apply. To qualify for the scheme, UK companies must have R&D projects that aim to work towards scientific or technological advancements in new or enhanced products, services or processes in their field. It is quite common for businesses to build something  unique to compliment their service, and if you do, we can help! Take our R&D test to find out. 

Once the claim has been submitted, typically HMRC take 4-8 weeks to transfer funds which we send to you. How much you can claim for depends on your company size. SMEs can claim 14-33% on qualifying costs. For large companies, a tax relief credit of effectively 8.8% is available under the Research and Development Expenditure Credit scheme. 

Although subcontracting can be a more complex area, you can still make an R&D tax claim. Eligibility may be affected by the contract details and whoes undertaking the risk and uncertainly of the project activities. You can claim for 65% of payments made to the subcontractor unless you’re part of the same group.

Yes! As long as you are innovating you can claim, the scheme is not just for successful or completed projects. If the project’s costs fall within the financial year you want to claim for and the eligibility criteria are met, then a claim can be made. If the project is ongoing there is potential for past, as well as future claims.

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